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Thread: Range finder recommendations please?

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    Range finder recommendations please?

    Looking for a range finder, not looking to spend a fortune but in the same light i don't want to skimp and end up stuck with something that won't do the job.

    What do you all recommend?


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    Redfield raider 600a it's good out to 600 + yards

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    I have a Leica LRF 800 and whilst a bit 'boxy' these days it has provided faultless service.

    Newer generation gear is much more compact but I just dont have the cash spare to indulge. However, I client earlier this year turned up with a very neat compact unit. A little strangely it sported a leather 'sleeve'. On closer look it was a new generation Leica.

    I'm not sure the current RRP on the Leica hunting models, but this unit was the Pin Master - designed for golfers. Hence the leather cover - it was a dimpled effect white. BUT - he'd got it from n Internet Golf Shop in Germany - posted to the UK for something significantly South of the 200 mark all in.
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    I use a Leupold RX-600. All the features you need, none that you don't. Simple, not expensive and compact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finch View Post
    I use a Leupold RX-600. All the features you need, none that you don't. Simple, not expensive and compact.

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    Leica all the way got one it works flawlessly, you shouldnt need thousands of yards for normal shooting, more expensive of course

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    Thanks for the feedback so far. I've used a Leupold range finder and liked it very much, but this was several years ago now, and knowing how technology moves on i wanted to see if there had been any huge improvements before i part with my hard earned.

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    i bought a swarovski 8x30 range finder its was not cheap but it is superb, i dont use binos now because the optics are good enough to use it for spotting as well

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    I have a Zeiss 8x26PRF, optics are brilliant and as it has a full size eyepiece it can be used for spotting, previously I had Bushnells which were ok, but I did have to ping a target a few times as the laser had a broad beam, I think Leica have the narrowest beam so have a good reputation but the Zeiss are Swaro like 223 above says can be used instead of binos

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    I've had the Leica 800 boxy job then the Swarovski 8x30 then the Leicester compact 1200 and they are all excellent.

    ​moved on to the Swarovski 8x42 RF binos and they are superb.
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