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Thread: Birthday boy Tikka.308

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    Birthday boy Tikka.308

    Hi all
    Its Tikka.308s birthday on wednesday & think we should all wish him happy birthday for wednesday

    Happy birthday big boy
    Hes never gonna talk to me again

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    Happy Birthday Tikka-boy! Have a great day! Lots of kisses xxxxxxxx
    From Uncle Beowulf

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    happy B DAY tika ,hav a good week on the emerald isle

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    All the best mate, and many more, dont drink too much of that Irish Guiness.

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    Hi Tikka.308

    Hope you a have a great time in Ireland

    and you don't have to look over your shoulder all the time
    because your mates are going to stitch you up

    Sorry I think Steyr .243 already has
    Fallow Stalker

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    Id never stitch my mate Tikka up
    Have a good-un buddy

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    birthday boy

    happy birthday tika have a great week

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    thanks every one,21 today i wish. 37 really

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    Hi tikka308 21 what again Hope you have a good day mate

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