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Thread: Roe buck skull size

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    Roe buck skull size

    Has anyone noticed a correlation between Roe buck skull size and the size of the points. The two biggest Roe buck heads I have taken (one from England and one from Scotland) both have a small skull size when compared to the average 6 point heads I have.
    I know this is hardly scientific, so welcome your views.
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    Mate of mine had a comment from a taxidemist on the skull size of a roe he dropped off for mounting. Taxidermist was of the view that there are noticeable variations in roe bluck skull sizes from different areas. He didn't geo as far as suggesting that this has an impact on antler size.


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    Can't say I have found any connection between skull size and the number of points,what I do know is skulls from the south tend to weigh more, you can get two almost identical looking heads,the one from the south might make a medal were as the one from the North might not due to the difference in weight.

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    Just had a look at the wall and I can't see any correlation either (taking in to account age, location) that's a straw poll of 14.

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