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Thread: That sickening feeling !!!

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    That sickening feeling !!!

    I have a lovely little bit of ground on my doorstep which doesn't have a great head of deer but it keeps me busy and I really enjoy my time there.
    I can see it from my house door so keep a good eye on what is happening how many deer are going about,
    On Monday evening I was standing in my garage door way when I became aware of a figure making his way down the neighbouring farmers fence line , I got my bino's and watched him coming down to the boundry line with my ground and sitting in some bushes looking at the tree line on my ground where the does and young have been coming out to feed.
    Nothing wrong there , I had to go and pick my son up in the village so had to leave it there but today I went for a walk along my permission to have a look and to my disgust I find a badly shot young roe doe just lying inside the tree line.
    I have been trying to manage these deer and had decided to leave this years young especially the doe's to try and encourage some more bucks into the area over winter so I am a bit disgusted at what I found it was directly opposite where i saw the stalker and had been shot at an angle throught the chest exiting out of the stomach maybe thats why he just left it but it sickens me to think that some one can do a sport that I love with so much disregard to the animal and other people's shooting ground.
    How many more deer has he shot and taken off my permission.
    Rant over I am just a little bit pissed off.

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    I would certainly be speaking to the owner of the land that ajoins your perm/lease, & let them know of your concerns, I would say that this instance would be hard pressed to be classed as a coincidence as regards the person you observed & the shot beast. Maybe a small sign in the right position stating that land ajoining is under fairly constant view by the holder of the rights.

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    I can completely sympathise with you Karl, but not everyone has the same ideas. Your neighbour may have a 'zero tolerance' policy with regards to deer and might not share your views to attracting even more to the area. If it was that close to your boundary, could it have been possibly shot on his side and run back onto yours? If so, he would have been unable to retrieve it legally without the permission of your land owner. Best idea is to have a chat with the adjacent landowner and try to liaise with the unknown stalker. He might even offer it to you if he thinks the unknown chap is not doing things properly?
    Good luck.

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    Yeah MS I think I will have a chat with the neighbour see if I can find out who the mistery stalker is, I have just had a chat with my landowner and he is non too happy and wanted me to go and bury the carcase he is a bit fussy about keeping everywhere clean.
    So I headed off with a spade to bury it , I had a good look and I can't see that it ran all that distance and I have never really seen them on his side of the stream no cover and no grass to eat due to over grasing by cows.
    After examining the deer closer it turns out to be a little buck one of this years young so mistery stalker doesn't even stick to seasons because there is no way you will get an out of season liscense for my bit.
    So I will head off to see the neighbour tonight see what he has to say,
    I will post an update later

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    You do not need an out of season license to shoot roe buck kids.

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    Not necessarily out of season!
    He may have shot the mother and the new laws allow dependent deer to be taken or killed if they have been, or are about to be, deprived of their mother, at any time of the year. MS

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    Thanks Stand Buck you learn something new every day I usually leave them until there about a year old don't really like shooting the little ones bit of a softy that way but at least I won't go shouting off to the neighbour about bucks and seasons now.
    Thanks Karl

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    Just a bit too late from me I think, I would have taken a couple of photo's if possible of the handiwork, It might just tip things in your favour if the landowner next door has a shoot em up policy, after all , it should be done ethically.

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    Don't worry Finbear I got the old mobile phone camera going so have a few shots of place and position of shot .

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