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Thread: Boker Knives?

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    Boker Knives?

    I am thinking of buying a Boker Arkinsas Ranger knife as I may be doing some Fallow work in Nov and my Alan Wood mini hunter is a bit small for the job.

    My question is, has anyone bought Boker, are they any good. Is the build quality as good as it looks on the interweb?

    ​Any thoughts welcome. Cheers
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    If you find a decent cheap supplier, let me know. I fancy this one:

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    I think York guns stock them not to sure of prices , give them a call may be able to help

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    Boker knives are good, I've had a couple over the years and currently have two of the knife and fork sets. They are probably a bit overpriced as far as production knives go but but what isn't these days.

    I would never try to talk anyone out of buying more knives but I would say that you don't need a big knife for fallow, I use an Alan Wood trout and bird which is ideal even for red deer. Small and slim is good, small and fat is not so good.

    Heinie Haynes are a brilliant retailer, you won't go wrong dealing with them. The only problem I've ever had is that they make it too easy to buy!

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    good folders got an optima with a 2nd blade gut hook swap out, nice lock up treated it bad over the years never closed on my fingers yet !

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    I use one of these for everything from Muntjac to Sika: Fixed Blade Knives: Boker Arbolito Relincho Madera --- Heinnie Haynes - Knives, Pocket Tools and Accessories
    Its an excellent knife. Cannot fault the build quality in any way, its light with superb edge retention. When I find a folder blade made from this steel I'll buy it. The blade length is ideal for larger deer while the slender profile makes it equally good on smaller species and fiddley jobs. This one is definitely a keeper.

    Boker knives are top quality. The Arbolito "Tree-brand" knives are made in Argentina. They're cheaper than the German models but definitely not nastier. The Argies make fine knives and their leatherwork is top notch. I would say you could buy with confidence. The blade edge on mine wasn't polished when I got it. It was razor sharp but I could feel machining on it. All it took was some light stropping to get it silky smooth. I've had it two years de-heading and legging in the field and I've only sharpened it once. It makes my old EKA swingblade look pretty sorry in comparison.

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    Both my son and I have had Bokers for the last 10 years, his has seen far more work than mine and we cant fault them. I have many knives but the Boker is the one I would trust with my life. Moonraker Knives (Tony Davies) is the guy to talk to he stocks Bokers.

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    I've not tried any of their stalking knives but I have a UK legal Boker Cox (Boker UK Legal Knives: Boker Cox --- Heinnie Haynes - Knives, Pocket Tools and Accessories) and the quality is excellent. I have just picked up a Boker Gnome and that seems pretty good as well.

    For stalking I carry a Mora though.

    Heinnie Haynes is a retailer par excellence - quite the best online service I've seen.

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    I have a Boker locking folder with wood scales and brass bolsters, not sure of the model, the blade is stamped tree brand and the figure 2000 its a good general purpose knife , but the blade is not the best shape for a stalking knife.

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    +1 On Mora got lot of knifes but mora for day to day easy clean and don't mind useing a Fortune Prod 001 Accusharp Knife And Tool Sharpener Knife Sharpener, Pocket size ,very good if its in low light and a plus keeps your fingers away from a very sharp blade.

    Q(For stalking I carry a Mora though.

    Heinnie Haynes is a retailer par excellence - quite the best online service I've seen.


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