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Thread: Tikka Optiloc Bases

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    Tikka Optiloc Bases


    Cant find my spare bases........if you have a 'surplus to requirements' blued pair, or know of a set, I would appreciate a 'heads-up'. (for a M595).
    Cheers, L
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    I think i have some in stainless if that's any help?

    I say i think as i'm not quite sure if they are for Tikka. I bought them off here a while back, and the seller has since gone.

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    Thank you for your reply. Please let me know when located and I can dwell on if I can get away with them.

    Many thanks.


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    I've just found the PM's from when i originally bought the mounts. They are for tikka rifles

    ​I'm down in winchester, hants.

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    PM sent.


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    some on ebay feller if you get stuck. got rings blue ext low and high 1" no bases left

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    Hi Paul O'
    Thanks for the heads up - have the rings but cant find the bases, no doubt turn up after I have got some more!
    Weighing up stainless bases offered with blued rings.....
    Cheers, L

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    thats what i have got on the sako ss looks better with a blue scope i think you don't have silver bars over the blue scope

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