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Thread: Chris Packham

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    Chris Packham

    On the BBC news this Am it said Chris Packham was advocating feeding foxes particularly in towns in an attempt to stop them entering houses looking for food.
    I seem to remember a couple of years back, him advising someone who had a problem with badgers digging up their lawn to feed plenty of peanuts so that they wouldn't need to dig for worms! Strange to relate more badgers than ever turned up for the starter then got stuck into the main course of worms. When will they ever learn?

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    Chris Packham on foxes again

    Sorry to old keeper, didn't see his post before and can't seem to delete this one.

    When is the beeb boing to realise that this guy is off his head and stop giving him our licence money.....
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    Thread two
    It’s about feeding them sporadically, not regularly, which can create dependence.
    Seems like a fairly sensible approach to me, after all it isn't as if you are going to stop it happening altogether is it ?
    He is also correct in saying foxes are one of the only larger UK mammals most people will get to see from their homes, and people like to watch them.


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    Not so long ago he said not to feed foxes so much and at the bottom of the garden, the lessening of food would control their breeding......and they would not get humanised by the lack of contact.

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    We've got a fox coming into our garden.
    It never touches the food left out for it ---- in the trap! Bu**er!!!!!

    But one day.... one day..........


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    Only feed them food at 3,750fps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Only feed them food at 3,750fps.
    4000+ is also OK!
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    4000+ is also OK!
    Unfortunately our back garden isn't that big with a footpath behind the fence and we live in a bungalow.
    So no safe shot - I'm trying to lure it into the trap for relocation and appropriate rehabilitaion with a .22


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    I do get frustrated by quite a lot of autumnwatch to the extent I've often watched it with the sound off. However I do remember an occassion where Chris Packham explained the need for and went on to support the culling of deer given certain circumstances. I admired him for this as he didn't need to go to the length of explanation that he did on that occassion and I think many at the BBC simply would have kept shtum. I also like the way he attempts to undo a lot of the personification that the rest of the presenters seem to place on the wildlife. However, I strongly disagree with the feeding of foxes.....(but then I do feed the birds in our garden ....)

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