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Thread: Yukon Photon

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    Yukon Photon

    Hi Guys,

    Got mine ordered just waiting on it.

    just wondered what its like in the field? any of you guys who have them got any good and bad points? Do you need the nm800 to make it any good? Has anyone tried the magnification double yet?

    Cheers BB

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    you will be very happy feller with it , and be happy as to how far in the field you can push it to , yes most def get the master light 800 with ir and mount also got the green bulb so i can use the light on my ratter air rifle or .22 ,its better than the n550 and much lighter as you don't have a house on top of your rifle also get the mounts high as per scotts mine just clears the barrel so ok with risers block weaver fitted on the (dovetails sako 85.308 ) if you have got the dosh and like to see with out putting you eye down the tube get the mpr screen so then everyone can see you hit/miss lol. and have it on film

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    Cheers Paul, Im desperate to get it now, herd a lot of good things and not much bad at all. Im hoping the nm400 will be out by the time i get mine as its a bit smaller and doesnt looks bulky. Hopefully with the nm400 i can still swap the bulbs and make it into a lamp for a double use.

    Thanks for your reply

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    Look at getting a Yukon doubler to get better id at longer distances if you plan to go foxing.

    Look on the nightvisionforum for information on getting a lens adapter (to hold the doubler) and T20 with an IR drop in as well, not essential but, they make a world of difference to the performance.
    I would sling the T20/IR add on under the mod as it does not need to be directional and, the field of view is far better with no risk of reflection off the mod.

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    not seen the nm400 is that less range ! and i got the hole body bulb assy its just unscrew and fit the bit and screw the battery and front back on and your away would also say and i'v not got one yet is the battery, i shall get a lith batery for it! jacksons said that yukon were to bring out there own one cheaper than the 90 so iam waiting .
    i just got a pack of AA from maplins and keep them in a pocket as i tend to leave mine on when out so two hrs and they on the way out .

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    hi cooter paul at scott country told me the photon was't up to haveing a doubler fitted he was told this by makers of the photon, but if you know of anyone who has what and how did it fit and is it fixed tight with no wobble ! any info would be good

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    Still waiting for mine ordered start of July

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    Hi guys i have a doubler and adapter fitted to mine,the adapter is that good a fit i didnt bother with the silicon makes a big difference,also a coaster on the focus ring is a must as its very stiff,the T20 ir is great if anything a tad too much light,im waiting on a 3 stage one which will give 3 brightness settings and and will see how that goes, a spotter in my opinion is a must as the field of view isnt much, guys are using filters on them to take the glare off the screen these are 55mm and fit over the doubler then the cover over that,havnt tred this yet so cat comment,but for the money i think its great,and i use it uring the day without any problems,dont think you will be disappointed.

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    +1 with Blueeyes
    agree with the spotter i have a gen one hand held job with a 180nm laser ajustable focus type from nv uk very good for 100yrs , now back to you doubler what type is it and could you give the info on the adapter and any web info to have a look at the parts

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    Paul it is this one i got the adapter from Marky610 on bbs or nightvision 45 i think posted,he also does the IR drop in pill or full T20 hope im not breaking any rules here if so my apologies and remove, coaster here you get 2 I am going to try the filter and see how it goes,seems to work fine for some guys,ps the adaper doesnt look much but a lot of thouh has gon into it and its threaded to take the doubler,you have to rezero after you fit the doubler. Forgot to add it is for the NVRS 1.7
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