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Thread: Magic Cartridges.

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    Magic Cartridges.

    Hope this is in the right section. If not perhaps a mod can move it.

    I was just idly thinking as we were waiting for a position on the stand at the range the other day, about "magic cartridges" the ones that work so well. There are some out there that just seem to have everything come together so it works better than the ones nearby. The ones I could think of were all fairly old but that might be a qualifying factor as they need to be tested over a good few years to see if the magic is really there or is it just the newest kid on the block. So to kick off here are a few I thought of at the time, please feel free to add to the list or slag off my choice. All my choices are soft shooting in their category as well.

    .222 Rem. Flat enough very accurate and doesn't seem overly fussy about the ammunition.
    .30 - 06 Does most things very well, not overly fussy and a terrific range of bullet size.
    7 x 64 Better than a 270 because of the bullet weight choice and seems to buck the wind well.

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    6.5x55 : On paper shouldn't be so effective as it is!

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    220 Swift ultimate varmint round!

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    All of the above, especially the 6.5x55 and the 06. I'm not that familiar with the 7x64 ( we just don't see many out here) that being said the 280 rem has always been a favourite of mine and the are very similiar ballistically.
    I'll add one to the list that may get me slagged a bit, the 9.3x57. It's not as powerful or popular as the 9.3x62 or some other mediums I've owned and its far from flat shooting, but it really knocks over big animals well within its range limitations. The majority of moose and big bears are shot well under 150 yrds around here so its an ideal little cartridge for the job. I have an old 96 actioned Husky that was built in 1937 that fits me like a glove and wieghs about 7 1/2 lbs .It's an easy rifle to pack in the bush over long distances, something that can't be said for some of the other medium bores I've used over the years. It's not the most powerful round out there, but it's a good practical round that can be built into a light but not abusively recoiling rifle IMHO

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    I'll second AB's post on all counts. I'd add some more but the list would get long.~MUir

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    This must be another 22 Hornet thread!

    Based on the smile this cartridge engenders in so many a Magnum-weary shooter.

    If we are simply talking consistent accuracy you would be in denial not to list the PPC.


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    Muir, you can list what you like, and K you can too. I do sort of think the cartridge should have stood the test of of time so the PPC with nearly 40 years gets in there. You can have a Hornet (22 variety) as well. It is just a fun thread.


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    Can I add the old 22LR, the 9.3 x 62 and the 375 H & H please So we have:

    .22 Hornet
    220 Swift
    6mm PPC
    6.5 x 55
    7 x 64
    9.3 x 57
    9.3 x 62
    .375 H & H



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    It's starting to look like most cartridges are imbued with some degree of magic...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalahari View Post
    7 x 64 Better than a 270 because of the bullet weight choice and seems to buck the wind well.

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