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Thread: Good day at the Geese.

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    Good day at the Geese.

    I went out with my gamekeeper friend this morning and a great day at the geese. For once everything came together!!!!Attachment 33200Attachment 33201

    Picked 29 in total, I know alot of people will find shooting that many distasteful, but in a few weeks when the winter crops start to come through on the fields next to this under-sown grass stubble hopefully some of the goose population will stay away.

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    Too easy new birds in, uneducated birds that is.Wf1

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    Gave them away to friends, offered them to the farmers but they are sick of the sight of them!!!!

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    at least you new you were going to get stick for shooting that many. tbh if you want them off the ground a few plastic bags on poles will do that for you.

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    Well done, that's a good day in any ones book. Nowt distasteful about it at all!!!



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