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Thread: Lee Loader and lube?

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    Lee Loader and lube?

    I've just started reloading with a classic loader and saw reference to lube on another post. There is no mention of it in the instructions or the U-tube videos but does any one use it when resizing with one? I work in batches rather than doing one complete round at a time so it would be quite possible to use it. When I resize a very faint ring does appear towards the base of the case but I can't feel anything. Is there any reason not to try it? I do have some one who knows what he is doing (well he says he does! ) showing me the ropes but he's never come across a classic loader before.
    Any thoughts?

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    Well I can only comment from what I've seen and that is that no one seems to use lube with them and I haven't either and it seems ok so far!


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    I've just acquired one in 22-250 off here but haven't had time to play with it yet (just for laughs)...

    I used to use either moly grease or proper sizing lubricant for my 357 model that I used back in the early 1980s as a was pitiful!

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    you don't use lube with the Lee Loader, its not needed, it only neck sizes and theres no stiction that a good belt with a lump of wood won't shift
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    as above.
    ​no need
    lube will screw up your charging if you are pouring powder into the die instead of block/funnel

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    as above.
    ​no need
    lube will screw up your charging if you are pouring powder into the die instead of block/funnel
    +1 as i found out

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    You don't need lube. I would use it for sizing straight walled pistol cases because those are a b*#ch to do in the Lee Loader. I loaded 44 magnum for almost a year with a Lee Loader: Lube helps, but adds steps.~Muir

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    Thanks for all the replies. That keeps things simple. I couldn't get on with charging in the die so made myself a block and a funnel from a cut down lamb feeder.
    "a good belt with a block of wood" Now there is a reloading term I can identify with

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