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Thread: zeiss victory 10x56 RF

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    zeiss victory 10x56 RF

    hi guys, I have a pair of the above and was wondering if anyone has had the same problem.. I bought them new less than 10 months ago and had a problem with the range finder not ranging past 200/300 yards. Sent them back to zeiss and although took some time I did get a replacement new pair ( I presume they were a new pair anyway) now 3 months after getting my replacement pair the exact same thing is happening? Zeiss said send them back again and they will try to get me a pair on loan whilst they deal with my pair, customer service cant be faulted but paying top dollar for hi end optics you don't expect this.. any one else had issues or have I been unlucky? ps apart from the ranging issue the optics are flawless and are prob some of the best I have used in terms of clarity and light gathering.


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    Have had a pair of the 8x56 Rf for over two years and havent had any problems!!!

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    I've got the same as Martin and no problem.

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