I've just returned from a stalking week in Scotland and took some new kit. I just like to pass my thoughts on to you guys.

1 Rovince stalking trousers- I brought a pair from Daz off the site, he us über passionate about the Rovince range and I must say his customer service is excellent. They were fast drying and in five days of stalking I never caught a tick. I had one on my sleeve but no bites or imbedded. With the numerous pockets I could carry ten extra rounds in a case, gralloch gloves, knife, glow stick, bog roll, map and iPhone. I was waste deep in bog water and within no time at all they were dry. I'll be buying another pair.

2 camelback rucksack. Great storage with 3l of water, enough room for extra clothing survival kit, gralloch tools maps I fact I couldn't fill it. It was fairly narrow so didn't interfere with the rifle. It did however end up on the Deltoid giving me a bit of pain.

3 spot connect GPS locator. This was a conundrum as it would send messages but wouldn't record the stalk route. It frustrated me as it was supposed to link in to Facebook to show friends and family where I was going.

​i hope this is of some use.