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Thread: Scopes with short eye relief?

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    Scopes with short eye relief?

    I am trying to put together a compact 22lr for rabbits out of the land rover window, by using a scope with a short eye relief, I am hoping to it will make thing a little less awkward form me.

    I have had a little look around but can't find anything useful, It does not have to be anything fancy just do the job.

    Anyone know of a scope with short eye relief?

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    Why not try a reflex / red dot sight?
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    Nice idea from Eric - how short is short eye relief and are you wanting fixed mag 4x or similar or a small 3-9x40 or similar?
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    Not trying to sound unhelpful but is it such a problem? There has to be a bit of stock and some barrel so pretty well any scope, except the super long relief pistol or long relief magnum scopes should do it.


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    one of the MTC scopes has almost zero eye relief

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    Shortest I have come across is a Meopta 4x32, wish I had had it when I wanted to scope a CZ452 Scout.


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    I believe all Meoptas are on the short side. The 4X32 is only just over 3". A 6X42 is only 3 1/2". The cheaper Meoptas are steel bodied, so heavy. But good glass for the money. You should get a S/H 6X42 fr 100-150. Avoid Leupolds which tend to have long relief.

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    MTC Connect, eye relief 30mm.

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