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Thread: CLA 2008, whos going??

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    CLA 2008, whos going??

    hello all,
    looking forward to the meeting of the forum at the cla, just wondering whos interested in meeting up??
    should be a fun filled weekend, maybe a few sherrys will be had, and a few politic chats and we may even speak of world domination
    whos in????


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    Count me in mate
    Im not sure about the world domination bit tho The 3rd reich dont attend anymore thank god They did have some very nice weapons tho. MG34, MG42, MP44, K98, MP40, Captured russian PPSGs & H. Great weapons.

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    Ho my God Duggers! Sherry! Between you and your 'sherry' and Stone with his 'Port' it will look like a Womens Institute meeting!
    I'll be drinking 'Belly busting' Real Ale and fine malt Whiskey! 8)

    Bloody sherry/port faggots! You two should call yourselves 'Hinge and Bracket!'

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    Ports & faggots. Ill say no more

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    forgot to say that i always chase with a pint of beer......sheery can be a little bland if not mixed properly!!

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    I thought you had stilton with sherry? If I can't find you I'll just look for a smelly old mouldy cheese drinking sherry!

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    its at Blenheim palace mate.

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    I will bring some gallons of rotgut cider from The West Country

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    ive drafted out a possible t-shirt logo for recognition, if we want to go that it is

    i think its catchy and out there......what do you think??


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