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    Member from Denmark

    Hi all, Since I am spending some of my idle time reading about hunting, I found this interesting forum. I am interested in most types of hunting, both rifle and shotgun. Currently, I am part of a small hunting group, that have good red deer, fallow dear and roe deer population. I reload all my ammunition, and shoot some hunting related field competition and long range shooting. Besides that, I spend my free time as voluntar rifle instructor on a local hunting center, and where ever there is a wish for some training. I currently shoot BSA CF2 Stutzen cal. .308 for hunting, with a S&B 1,5-6x42. For longer range, I use a Howa .308 with bull barrel and Steiner Military 5-25x56 on top, or an Otterup (Schultz & Larsen) 6.5x55. Regards,

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    Welcome to the site Airpower

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    Welcome to the site,

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    welcome from anothe bsa stutzen user, i will look forward to reading your stories,atb wayne
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    Which part of Denmark are you from?
    Jutlanders are the ones joked about. A bit like English/Irish/Welsh and Scots jokes.
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