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Thread: new 6.5 x 55

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    new 6.5 x 55

    I have just placed an order for a new Tikka super varmint in 6.5 x 55, its my first rifle in this calibre. I have looked at previos posts on here on what ammunition different rifles seem to prefer; Norma 120 BT's seem to rank highly.

    I have just recently moved to Hampshire from the North so I now have Roe, Fallow, Muntjac and a few Sika on ground to shoot on. Will the Norma 120gr BT (for example) be a sufficient round for all four, I'm worried about it destroying Munjtac???

    Cheers Fellas!

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    Hello WB,

    I have used a 6.5x55 for many years and I am sure you will be very happy with your choice of calibre! I have no idea how your new Tikka will shoot but I have found the 6.5 not be that fussy and my current rifle (Sauer) has shot accurately with everything I have tried. As far as factory rounds go Norma with the 120grn BTips will one hole from my rifle at 100yds as will Federal 140grn Power Shok. If you are home loading I find 130grn Accubonds over N160 are very good too.

    No experience of Sika so I can't comment but the 120grn Norma BTip's work well on fallow and Roe. As far as munties go the 6.5 is a relatively slow calibre and from my experience more damage is caused by faster moving rounds but a small deer hit with a 120grn BTip from a 6.5 is still going to sustain meat damage, there are so many variables I wouldn't worry about it, just enjoy your new rifle.



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    120gr balistic tips are very accurate in my tikka t3 6.5x55.
    Put everything straight down however if they hit a rib, the resulting damage can be quite destructive.
    I therefor prefer neck shots with them.

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    I have a tikka t3 lite in 6.5x55, all of these have worked well...

    95 grain v-max homeloads

    120 grain ballistic tips/soft points homeloads and shop bought

    139 grain soft point PPU (£11 for 20!)

    140 grain hornady sst homeloads

    I currently use the PPU as it is cheap, accurate (under an inch at 100m) and doesn't do excessive meat damage, however before PPU i used 120 grain ballistic tips and soft points for everything and found them very efficient- I wouldn't worry too much, but I would suggest you consider the PPU ammunition.

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    hi woollyback I to have a 6.5/55 I shoot 140grn sierra gamekings home loads are you going to home load? if so you will get plenty of help from sd

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    Great thread picking up my T3 6.5 tomorrow. Have box of Norma 120 and will be range bound. Sounds like I will have a bit of fun.


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    Unbelievable, picked up tikka T3 6.5x55 today. Once centred in which took 5shots. Next three group of 0.75 inches. New rifle with factory ammo. What a calibre!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by big ears View Post
    Unbelievable, picked up tikka T3 6.5x55 today. Once centred in which took 5shots. Next three group of 0.75 inches. New rifle with factory ammo. What a calibre!!
    This is exactly what I want to hear. After much deliberation I have just sent in my variation for this calibre. Was the factory ammo hard to find and was it quite costly?



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    I put reloaded Hornady 140gr SSTs through my Sako 75 6.5x55...

    Incredible accuracy and a load that will knock over anything that the UK has to offer. I've played with 120gr ammo, but the 140gr is just so much better through my rifle

    Factory ammo is easy to find. Try the Fusion 140gr SP for a round that just works time and time again - about £30 for 20

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    I don't know if you can get these easily in the UK but I shoot the 120 grain boat tail hollow point made by PPU. They shoot half MOA and better from my FN 6.5x55 sporter @ 2800+ fps. I bought 1600 of them a while back with no regrets.~Muir

    (yes, a great cartridge)

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