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Thread: How much do I need?

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    How much do I need?

    Am heading over to a basc range day (Bisley) on Sunday to zero rifle / get some good practice in, but have no idea how much actual range time these days involve, and how many rounds I might get through.

    Any advice on how much to take / what you have gotten through in the past would be most helpful...


    ps - anyone else from this forum doing this on Sunday?

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    take as a many as you have got you can always bring them home,no good turning up and running out

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    Thanks, but have no ammo yet, thus the question (collecting first rifle this week)
    Thought about taking a few boxes of different makes to see what works best but still no idea how many rounds people might get through...

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    100 rnds of smallbore and 50rnds of fullbore will be plenty for the day unless you want to go mad.
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    If its centre-fire, then the amount your certificate allows you to purchase at a time (and the cost!) are probably the controlling factors.

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    How much shooting have you done?

    What is your physical fitness level?

    Is your rifle a "kicker"?

    Answers to these questions will focus the advice you receive.

    PS - If you are a Blaser user, you will probably not put many rounds downrange. This is because all the other Blaser users will have .................................. (insert own reasons).
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    Are you going to zero it before you go ?

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    Yes, I'll be down there on Sunday.

    I'm in the same position as you though, new rifle (to me), first ever rifle and a need to zero it. I'll be at a club though, so not sure how the whole NRA thing works. There is a range called "Zero Range" which I believe is for zeroing only. I am not sure if you can hire a range/lane without doing the induction course? Best to call them.

    PM me if you want to meet up, my club will be doing an induction day in November, and there's no harm in popping in (leave rifle in car) to say hello. We have moving targets and stalking tests, ammo is 50p a pop and we can shoot expanding rounds - so worth a look.
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    am very much in the hands of the basc team as they have organised the range day. am taking my 243 & 308. 308 has new scope on it so need zeroing (on the zero range?), whereas the 243 is zeroed but previous owner was a reloader and so I don't know ammo this rifle likes. the plan is to put through some different makes of ammuntion to find out what works best for each

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    3 rounds to zero, and 3 more rounds to prove to yourself that your rifle is indeed zeroed. Than time for coffee and the paper and watch other people blow a lot of money away.
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