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Thread: aldi trail cam problems

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    aldi trail cam problems

    has anybody on sd had a problem with there trail cam from aldi.
    i bought mine in june and used it 4 times, now the video will not record and the screen has gone from colour to black and white.
    tried new batts and no joy.
    called the after sales number on the instruction booklet, and a foreign answered and im sure he said mtc enterprise soweto.
    im on a mobile, and thought bloody hell this will cost me. so i hung up.
    would i be better taking it back to aldi for an exchange ( if they have some ), or money back.....

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    I got mine about the same time and its been fine. It's been outside for long periods and works spot on.

    Sounds like a swap or refund might be the way forward.



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    Sounds like cheap Aldi tut to me. Hit/Miss, it's the flip of a coin sometimes!

    Wish I could afford a MINOX DTC600, but...

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    most Aldi electronics come with a 3 year warranty, take it back
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    i think thats what i wil do, i havent done this, but have you used it in the rain. it says nothing in the manual but are they water proof.

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    Mine has been outside since I bought it and has been fine capturing over 200 videos and only one change of batteries. Aldi will give you a refund up to 12 months then its a manufacturers warranty for the remaining 4 years.

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    thanks to all for the input. tacking it back on sat morn.

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    How did you get on? Mines been solid outside 24/7 since I got it and no problems

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    Hi I have three and they have been out continuously in all weathers, they have performed perfectly without even a change of batteries yet.
    My only criticism is that they are just a bit slow sometimes and only catching the backside of a deer if it crosses at speed but at £80 a pop I cant really moan. I will happily buy a couple more when Aldi next have them in.

    Regards WB

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    Mine has also worked perfectly. Tat it's not. The same model is available under other brands for up to double the money, but Aldi buy in serious quantities and sell fast all across Europe, which means they can still make a profit. I'll certainly buy at least a couple more next time they have some in.

    The Lidl camera I got a week or so earlier has also worked as it should, but is by no means such a user-friendly design when it comes to checking images, or changing cards/batteries. As such, the £10 difference in price between it and the Aldi one is really no saving at all. Still, I've no regrets about trying them both, and have had some useful information from each of them.
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