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Thread: Anschutz .22 carbine

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    Anschutz .22 carbine

    My superb .22 Anschutz carbine for sale, 14" match bull barrel, match trigger, very nice wood indeed, I have owned it from brand new and it is in immaculate condition, superbly accurate it will head shoot bunnies all day at 90 yards, it comes with a 4x40 ir mildot scope, quality mounts PH moderator, a nice carbine bag, instruction manual,and a leather sling, also butler creek flip up covers, 450.00 with scope, 420.00 without, face to face preferred but would rfd at cost, welcome to try before you buy, the best .22 on the market, I am in Sheffield, cheers.
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    Finally let me put a photo up lol.

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    I had one of these very accurate little rifles.

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    They are indeed mate, and the build quality is superb, must be the best .22 rf out of the box, and that trigger well, if they were all like that.

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    I take it this has sold as you have closed the other thread re the sale?

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