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Thread: Free Standing Highseats

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    Free Standing Highseats

    Hi All,

    I am in the market for some freestanding high seats for one of my areas.

    Any reccommendations for good ones or for ones to stay away from?

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    How much do you want to spend on them? There's a chap in Bury st Edmunds that does some cracking galvanised ones for about 300. Very sturdy and look like they will last forever ( or until they are stolen! )

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    These the sort of thing you are looking for. Both are sitting dismantled in my garden. Simple erection. one is new other one seasons use. Lost the fc permission so they are homeless. I am looking for stalking South east Scotland if anyone wants to trade I built them. 20 years experience in timber structures.
    The new one is circa 270 the second hand one arround 170,

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    PD Seat as advertised in Sporting Rifle & Shooting Sports magazines 07803 035092 or 01235 539248.

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    stand buck
    whats happened to your supplier in wincanton
    pete .

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