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Thread: Laser range finders

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    Laser range finders

    What are your thoughts - are they all the same under the skin?

    They all seem to be made in China/Taiwan/India, have the identical functions depending on how much you pay and I can't tell them apart!
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    I suspect you'll find that if you look through a top notch European rangefinder, Leica or Swaro for example, and even a mid-range American one (I have a Bushnell) you will be more than able to tell them apart, especially in last light.

    I don't think ranging distance is very important providing they work to 400 yards or there abouts but even so from what I gather the European big names will range, even on relatively non-reflecting targets, to way beyond the distance my Bushnell will range a white painted gable end of a house.

    For me, and my requirements, the advantages of the big Euro names just aren't worth the money but you can certainly tell them apart.
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    Ive owned a Swarowski Laser Guide since they came out (2004?)

    It works in just about all conditions except mist..

    Ive seen and used several other brands, the only one id swap the Swaro for is a Vextronix PLF (they have a more powerful laser emitter) and less beam divergence than anything on the market, but they are 3x the cost of the swaro.

    You get what you pay for and I disagree about the necessity.

    Depending on the cartridge, you misjudge the range by 50 yds beyond 250 and you'll wound the beast...if your going for heart lung without compensating for trajectory
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    They all work on the same principle to estimate distance. Put laser on object, pick up reflection, calculate time based on SOL.
    The glass makes it easier to see what your aiming at but I've yet to look through a scope that can 'see' with the same clarity you can with binoculars, probably an artefact of binocular vs monocular vision.
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