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Thread: First gun you bought?

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    First gun you bought?

    My first gun i ever bought myself was an Essex SS ejector in 1973 from a Littlewoods catalogue for 70 and all i had to do was show my tiny shotgun licence obtained from the local PO to my cousin who was the Littlewoods agent. I couldn't get used to it at all after using a Baikal single barrel so i straight swapped it for a Ford Anglia and had years of innocent dating and sex and touring in that great wee car.
    Now i was approached by a chap who bought the shotgun off the wife of the second owner after he passed away and has owned it for 34 years and guess what he wants 1,000 for it now.
    Its like the fella on here searching for his dads guns so sentimental value comes into it so my question is this... Does anyone know where my Anglia is??

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    Think I saw it in Kerrs
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    I have been reliably informed that it is now a Landrover and two Blasers.

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    First air rifle was a Webley MK3 .22-loved that gun, first shotgun was a Mossberg semi auto which i could hit precisely f**k all with.

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    Single barrel 12g BSA Snipe. I've still got it.

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    Mine was, and still is, a Brno side-by-side 12 bore shotgun with plain blacked sidelocks and absolutely no engraving or decadent Western capitalist bourgeois flummery whatsoever. I saved up my money when I obtained my first SGC at 18 and went out to D&P Guns in Catford to buy it. Weird shop. Lovely gun though. We have had many adventures together, it has the strongest ejectors of any shotgun I've ever seen, and apart from needing the action tightened a bit after about 15 years, it's never caused me any trouble.

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    First airgun was a BSA meteor and first real gun was a webley bolt action .410 i swapped my mates dad 20 rabbits for I shot all sorts with that little gun happy days !
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo1984 View Post
    First airgun was a BSA meteor
    I learnt to shoot with my uncles BSA Meteor in the late 80's I guess, got my own air rifle in 1990 - a BSA Superstar which I still have. Got my first shotgun, a Beretta 686 12G about a year later for my 17th birthday, which I also still have!

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    BSA Mercury Mk 1 and still have it. AYA yeoman ejector purchased from Ebralls in Shrewsbury, had it fitted at West Mid shooting ground, bored out to improved and 1/4 choke and is still going strong. Have shot thousands of pigeon with it and has only failed once when the first barrel ejector spring broke, was on a big day on pigeons on drillings and had shot about 90 that was probably in the mid 80's. Had the barrels reblacked in Bath probably 15 yrs ago. Lovely gun and would never part with it. Best with Gamebore Super Games, 32grm 6's fibres.


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    I can confess to sentimentality as I reacquired my first deer rifle (308 remmie ADL) specifically because it was my old rifle. It has since been rebarreled, restocked and re triggered as a 6.5x47. Makes no sense as I could have used a Full custom action, but then it wouldn't have been my rifle !!

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