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Thread: 6.5x55 ammunition

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    6.5x55 ammunition

    My FAC has just been posted through my door i have slots for .243 and 6.5x55 on it. I have a deposit down on a Tikka t3 hunter which I'm collecting on Tuesday.

    Now the ammunition allowance is buy 40 hold 60. I live and stalking ground in Scotland, so need to be aware of MV and ME. Mainly woodland Roe with some Reds. No further out than 100 metres.

    What makes and weight would you recommend I start with? Im asking as I am going to be limited to the amount I can hold so was thinking of buying 3 different makes in the same weight or 1 make in 3 different weights. Also need to find somewhere that hold stocks in or around Glasgow ish.



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    Can only coment on the .243 side of things.

    I use Remington 95gr Accutip for foxes and 100gr Rem core loc ultra bonded. They are near enough the same point of impact. The core CLUB clover leaf out of my T3 varmint. 24 for accutips and 18 for the Club.

    If you want a cheap ammo to get you set up on 'paper' pivvy partisan do some good 100gr, they shot 1 inch groups through my rifle. 9.50 per box.

    Whether they shoot clover leaf or 1inch groups they are good enough to drop a deer

    Hope this is some use


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    Always used the 120grn Nosler BT from Norma in my 6.5x55.

    Great ammo and I know a lot of swede shooters who use them see details here;,5x55


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    I use Federal Power Shock 140 gn soft points in my Heym 6.5x55. It woorks well, so I've never bothered trying anything else. The only problem is that US ammunition can be harder to get hold of at the moment, because the manufactures are contracted to the military.

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    Hi Gareth

    I've always used Federal Power Shok 140 grn soft points & as Moonraker68 says they work very well & seem to suit my Mannlicher 6.5x55, never had a problem.

    Be aware if you buy 3 different weights your zero will be different for all 3.

    Good luck


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    In 6,5x55 .
    for roe anything from 100 grain to 155 grain would work, but if you are hunting in open country handloading 120 gr nosler bt or norma factory loads are excellent. for bigger games norma 140 grain nosler PT is a very good load and finally for boar ad moose lapua mega 155 grain factory loads or hand loading hornady or woodleigh 160 grain bullets are working well.

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    Federal Powershok 140g group well enough plus are reasonably priced. Norma 120g bt and 140g partitions are more powerful plus very accurate....expensive though. I have never had good results from Speer nitrex 140g grand slam in neither Tikka t3 nor Sako 85.

    If I were you I would try a couple of brands before you go to Scotland then make sure you take a couple of boxes of your preferred choice with you to allow for zeroing/practice without the fear of running out.

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    Thanks for the replies, I live in the Strathclyde area of Scotland. I have also been recommended the Norma 120 bt with the federals as a 2nd choice. Due to the limited amount I can buy (40) and hold (60) Im going to try those two. Driving from home to gun dealer then to zero to try the different brands, to then drive to the gun dealer to purchase more then home is going to cost me an arm and a leg in fuel.

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    6.5 ammunition

    Ive used Remington, Federal, Hornady in the 6.5, I started using the Norma 120 grain btps this season, they are without doubt the best round i have used in the 6.5 and i wont be going back to any of the other brands.

    Im using them on Sika, the entry and exit wounds are very good, the most an animal has run this year is about 40 mtrs, I was out yesterday and headshot a Hybrid at approx 60mtrs the damage is unreal, and shot a hind at approx 170mtrs, i chested her she ran about 10mtrs and dropped
    the heart was completely destroyed.

    I highly recomend the Norma 120 grain btps


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    I used Federal 140gn powershoks in my 75 Finnlight and could get 3/4" groups from it off the bi-pod in the field. I could not get any more federals so bought some RWS 140gn, they do not group quite as well, but stop fallow a treat! Very expensive though.

    I have just started reloading and am developing some 129gn Hornady SST loads. I have used some before that were loade3d by a friend, they were deadly.

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