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    sad yes, but he died stalking,,that's all I hope for!

    sitting in a retirement home sh*tting myself and having horried young nurses swear at me for being incapable and thanks..I'm going on the hill trying to carry a deer that my heart won't support any longer..thank your mother for the rabbits.

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    Sad, but that's how I would like to go, one minute doing what I like, feeling fine, next minute gone.
    Thoughts to his family and friends, God bless

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    Good Grief the lad was only 46. Its to be hoped there are no youngsters left without a Dad.


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    Best wishes to his family and friends.

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    Not a good age to go at, but the best way to go. A mate of mine was in hospital after two heart attacks, he asked to be picked up to go on a fox drive, two of the lads picked him up , he was found later that day sitting on a hill by some big bales, where he had past away watching the hounds in the valley below, I hope he is whipping in to St Peters hounds now , god bless you Yano a hunter to the last.

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