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Thread: Just found the source of the smell

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    Just found the source of the smell

    For about the past 3 weeks, may be a bit longer, every time I've been in the garage I got that wiff of something dead, yesterday I could also smell it outside the garage. Now my garage is more of a junk store than anything else so I've been putting it off, thinking dead rat or neighbours cat that went missing in August. Ok just decided to investigate and it wasn't good. I have a freezer in the garage that has a few roe skins and feet for dog training. About 7 or 8 pheasant carcasses which I breasted out last season and saved the rest as fox bait along with some other bits of roe carcasses. Well something had fallen off a shelf and by a stroke of bad luck had flicked the plug socket switch off. When I opened the door the contents were past defrosted, they were decomposing and giving off some heat. There was about 1/2" of blood in the bottom. I started to bin everything and then went to fetch a bucket of water to start cleaning it out only returning to find the bloody dog in there with a roe skin both dripping in rancid blood. I'm so glad I made it to the back door before the dog or things would have not been good.
    All clean now but that smell is lingering DOH!
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    If the dog was faster you may have had to sling a hammock in the garage

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    Been there done similar, without the dog.
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    Oh that's nasty !!! I once ripped my car apart before I found the mole trap with festering mole still in situ which had somehow got into the spare wheel compartment.

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    Had a freezer of fish and fish bait do the same, that was so bad I had to replace the freezer. Luckily it was about 3 weeks old when it packed in, so it was under warranty - however the poor guy they tried to send to fix it didn't believe me HOW bad the smell was once the door was opened. He wished he listened afterwards!

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    I've been tidying the garage this evening myself, you just made me have to go and check my freezer too! paranoia!
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    In the summer I butchered a carcass and the remnants were stuck in the bin that was being picked up the next day, then went on holiday for two weeks to then come back and find my son hadn't put the bin out, so you can imagine the rancid smell that was coming from the bin and the maggots in the bottom, I was gagging. Suffice to say my lad got a good bit of verbal when he came in the house that day!
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    Cat litter was the answer to my stinking landfill bin - An oversight left a couple rabbit carcasses in there for a summer month - bin emptied, litter in to soak up the juice. stirred and shovelled out into a bag. No nasty niffs now so- Job jobbed

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    Landed lucky really, it's all gone in the bin and its due to be emptied tomorrow. Then it will be some bleach and soapy water and jet wash. Then down the street drain which is only a pavement width from my front gate

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    i had a large chest freezer in my garage with salmon, phesants, duck, goose, venison and 2 albino crows i was going to get was filled to the top ready for the summer months. anyway we had builders in re slating the roof. they unplugged the freezer for the kettle and forgot to plug back in, i found this out 4 weeks later when it was half full of liquid death.

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