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Thread: Muntjac numbers - an investigative project

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    Muntjac numbers - an investigative project


    I am currently studying Countryside Management at Bridgwater college and they have given us the chance to do an investigative project. The subject matter is entirely our own choice and so I decided to do my project on "The increase in muntjac numbers" - I have been doing some research and contacted the BDS for some of their deer count information.

    I would really appreciate some information form anyone in Somerset about where might be best to find some Muntjac that I can make the focus of my study. I need to be able to evaluate the increase of numbers on a given area and see if they really are increasing. This will involve visiting the site, checking for droppings, slots, hair and so on, as well as observation, photos and possibly trail cams. There will also be speaking with the land owner, farmers, stalkers, gamekeepers and other people working the land to get their input on numbers and how many have been seen.

    If anyone could help I would really appreciate you getting in touch, either on this thread or by PM if you prefer


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    Try anywhere around Bath area.
    Woodland Trust at Colerne in Bath too. We used to cull in there.
    Woodland trust also means you can pretty much walk where you want too.
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