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Thread: A Great Afternoon

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    A Great Afternoon

    yesterday i had the great pleasure to spend the afternoon with robin off this site, we met up at 2pm and headed west to his stalking ground, the weather was set fine and the temperature was 21degc. We arrived at the ground and robin sent me to a high seat we had put in place in the spring, i climber into the seat and made myself comfortable, looking around i decided to decrease the magnification on the scope as the longest shot would be no more than fifty yards, the plan was for robin to stalk the wood in the hope of driving the deer in my direction, ten minutes passed and a shot rang out i was on full alert expecting a group of fallow to break out of the cover but it was not to be, robin called to say he had a pricket on the ground and could i go back for the quad to pick it up,by the time i reached the quad i was sweating it was really warm, i took the quad back to where the deer was shot we soon had it loaded and drove back to the car to place it in the boot, by now it was 17.30pm so we decided not to go back into the wood but position ourselves and wait for the deer to come out, i got myself comfortable and in no time i had a group of five does feeding in front of me,this group moved off to my left only to be replaced by another group again all does, by last light i had at least twenty animals feeding not fifty yards in front of me all bloody does, roll on november, many thanks robin for a great afternoon.
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    Glad you enjoyed it Geoff, the wood was full of deer and I had seen several prickets move forward, I hoped that they would come down your valley, but as the cover is very thick it was difficult to be sure which way they had gone. We will try that farm again when the rut is on, may be you will get the chance again at that large buck that was sitting under the highseat or at least one of his mates.

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    Nice one Geoff, hope to meet up for a stalk soon...

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