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Thread: Fallow Rut

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    Fallow Rut

    With the recent dip in temperature , has anyone seen any signs of the Fallow rut starting ?


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    Been grunting for the last week around here.

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    Same down here in the SW. Had a great stalk yesterday - through oak woods to within 30m of a grunting buck. Love this time of year!


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    was out this morning no signs yet here in the south

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    stopped on my way to work this morning going full pelt east sussex area

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    Hi Liftman
    where about in Sussex are you I was in and around Battle this weekend and didn't hear a grunt .


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    Out near M4 Hungerford Thurs. Saw a bunch of does and followers, but no buck with them. Then a well grown buck on his own, two fields from the does.

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    Heard 1st grunting buck this week near battle
    Shot a buck hanging around on the fringes

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    Heard my first rutting Fallow this morning.


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    Nothing up here, shot a fallow buck out of a group of two this morning; he was just starting to smell slightly, had been feeding a bit on acorns but not a lot. It was so still up here this morning but no gunts whatsoever. For here still a little early, but will see!

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