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Thread: Weekend in the Ardennes

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    Weekend in the Ardennes

    Just got back from spending the weekend in the Ardennes with a good friend from Belgium. He invited me over with my HS to be on standby for two driven hunts with the possibility of some work for the dog.. It was both mine and the hounds first experience of driven hunting in Europe and we both enjoyed it, we will definately be going back as soon as we can (or when the wife allows me another weekend away)... Here are a few pictures, I will refrain from a full write as it will more than likely turn the same way as most threads in this section!

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    Well done Jez , i hope it was a real experience ,up to the next days .

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    Good work. Looking at a proud dogowner i think.

    I am correct to see that the red deer had its front leg shot off? Was it dead when you found it or did the dog grab it and put it down?

    kind regards, Ruud

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    Well done.

    In the 3rd photo wot was the funny discolouration on the back end of that buck? Has it been hit by a car or shot and injured previously?
    Aye i noticed that Rudd looks like been cleanly snapped off

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    well done Jez,Danny told me all about it!!

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    Ruud the red calf had been shot in the leg and also the stomach and it was dead when we found it and the Roebuck had been shot in the ass and exited through the under carriage... Neither shot by me I hasten to add!
    ​thanks pat, had a fantastic weekend can't wait for the next time!
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    I thought it looked an older wound with the colouring but wasnae really sure wot it was and thankfully never seen a 'texas heart shot' before.

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    to me it looked like a dog wound but not my place to comment, glad you got them and how would someone get into tracking with a hound abroad,atb wayne
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    Hi Jez!
    Yes, these are experiences and memories to keep forever....
    Well done, keep going you two....
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    Well done Jez, all good experience for you and the dog as you cant beat live tracking to gain such experience.

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