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Thread: Ex Demo Swarovski scopes/binos

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    Ex Demo Swarovski scopes/binos

    Hi All
    I've just purchased a pair of ex demo bino's off this chap, Robin at never dealt with them before saved myself over 400 compared to the best new price I could find.

    Don't think he has much ex demo stuff left but there are a few bargains left to be had.

    very helpful and easy to deal with.


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    wayne out of interest what model and mag where they that
    you bought regards pete .

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    Hi Wayne,

    A very good friend of mine who was with me in Scotland a few weeks back also purchased a very nice pair of Swarvo bino's from Gregor McLeods for 690.00, he is also selling ex demo stuff.

    It seems there are 4 retailers in the UK selling ex demo stuff which is cat 1 to 3, 3 meaning its has a noticable scratch or mark on it I was also told that this is the last of the stock, so if anyone is in need of a bargain hurry up and grab it.


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    Hi Pete/Malc
    They are 8x56slc's as new been back to Swarovski for a service and carry a full guarantee cant find a mark on them all boxed everything looks new even the cleaning cloth they cost me 825


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    wayne all the best on your new bins
    also bought a scope two months ago from swillington shooting
    supplies ex demo same as you found not a mark on them
    8 x 56 illuminated ATB pete .

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    Hi Pete
    Mcleods had some end of line stuff aswell, I got a PV 4-12x50 scope of them a bit back think it was about 750


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    did you buy the scope for those big boar up your way
    bet they look a fair old lump with that wound up
    wayne if youve got one going spare some time id be more
    than happy to pay the going rate for a stalk for one .
    regards pete .

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    Hi Pete
    I got a 8x56 S&B on my 375 and a Z6i 2.5-15x56 on my 30.06 how I can wind it up for those 25 yarders

    I'm afraid we dont sell any outings on the boar sorry Pete.

    Atb Wayne

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    25 yds thats way behond my limit anyway
    no problem i look forward to meeting up some time
    regards pete .

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    Not really ethical all this long range shooting!

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