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Thread: Harkila Raptor/Vector/Stealth, anyone tried them yet?

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    Harkila Raptor/Vector/Stealth, anyone tried them yet?

    I'm looking to invest in some new stalking attire and I've been considering some of the newer offerings from Harkila, namely the Raptor, Vector or possibly the Stealth (if I really feel the need for camo).

    There's so very little information out there about these (haven't found any reviews) and nobody close to me stocks Harkila. I was just wondering if anyone on here has any experience with them as an alternative to the popular Pro Hunter kit.

    The Raptor looks fairly light and the stretch panels are appealing, but I also want the kit to last.

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    I'm guessing that nobody has had any experience with this kit yet then? As good as Harkila's reputation is in general, I'm not sure I'm willing to take a punt on kit that hasn't stood up to the plenty of end user abuse.

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