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Thread: T3 .243 resale value

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    T3 .243 resale value


    I'm on the verge of trading in my T3 blued synthetic in .243, with Schmidt & Bender 8x56 Hungrian, Optilock mounts and a Wildcat moderator.

    The rifle is around 3.5 years old in excellent condition, scope is tired around the tube but glass is fine and the mod in very good condition.

    What do you think this would make private and trade in as a guide?


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    Looking on Guntrader there are 3 second hand T3 Lite's - the cheapest is 650 with a mod but no scope, the next (which I would say is a little overpriced due to a new T3 Lite costing about 750-850) has a Hawke scope and moderator and is described as "mint condition" and is 895 and the last is a Rifle with a Schmidt and bender 8 x 56, Sonic mod, Sling but also has 90 home loads, Dies, powder, brass and about 150 bullets - I would say around 100 for the relading kit.

    I guess a fair price due to the scope, mod and mounts would be around the 900-950 mark although to trade it I would say they will offer you about 800-850.



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    Thanks for the reply. Gives me an idea.

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