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Thread: The Stalking Directory not working on iPad or iPhone

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    The Stalking Directory not working on iPad or iPhone

    Been travelling and using the iPad and whilst I can log in and read all the words of wisdon being posted on SD, I haven't been able to contribute. Now at my desktop so sput s...................... again.

    For a long time I have noticed on iPad you can only enter text if you click Reply with Quote. If you just click reply, the text entry box allows you to write to just one single digit at a time - the keyboard keeps disappearing.

    For the last few days you click on reply and no keyboard comes up.

    Don't seem to have the same problem on other forums, other apps.

    One for CSL and his esteemed colleagues. I expect though CSL and JayB have deliberately done this just to stop me contributing

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    hi thats the same here but if you keep trying after a few single letters it then opens the dialog box so you can then carry on as normal try it to see if yours is the same,atb wayne
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    This is a known issue Patrick, the answer is to click the A/A button in the top left corner of the editor to change from WYSIWYG to text mode and then Safari will work properly again... you can actually change it back to WYSIWYG again and it will keep working for a while.

    Not sure why it happens but it seems to be unique to Safari browser on the iPad/Phone.

    vBulletin are meant to be upgrading the editor for the forum software but it's been outstanding for months and updates have been few and far between.

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    another fix, is to minimise the keyboard once before you try and enter any text, then go to write and it works fine. got used to it now, but it was a right pain when I first got the Ipad!!
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    Thanks Alex - that seems to be working better.


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    Never noticed a problem when using the i-Phone, although I tend to only do PM's on it.


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    I posted with my mum's iPad earlier today with no problems, but I have updated that to iOS7. I seem to remember the single character disappearing keyboard glitch when I used it a few months ago.

    The earlier post and this were quick replies with no quote.

    ​Have you tried iOS 7?


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