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Thread: Centrefire Range Near West London?

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    Centrefire Range Near West London?

    Anyone know of a range near West London for cf 100m .308?

    I'd go to Bisley but am still going through the induction process which takes a while and I need to get this new rifle zeroed. It'd also be nice to find somewhere I can pop along to for an hour.

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    WLSS have a range, trouble is you have to be accompanied and that costs.


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    Yeah, I was down there last week and it seemed to work out at 120 an hour... did I get that wrong?

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    I use WLSS and find them very helpful.

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    Toxster, if you're supervised at the BSRC, you can zero a rifle quite happily. You need to attend a certain number of range days and so on as part of the induction process, but if you bring your rifle along to a range day, you can zero it to your heart's content.

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    Yeah it's just that those days are only once a month.

    I got the impression WLSS were good, but for that price I'd want some fancy tuition.

    Must be less impatient....

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    I've never been to the WLSS because it's too damned expensive. I have though shot quite a few clays at West London Sporting targets which is just further down that mud track. My friends and I used to call it "I Can't Believe it's not the West London Shooting School". Of course, it's nothing like that. Last time we went, it was bloody freezing, but that's not why we shot so badly. We were so rubbish on one of the layouts that the trap operator stopped scoring us properly and just randomly returned the cards. Admittedly with almost no crosses on it. Embarrassing, really.

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    Blimey, much cheaper. Will give them a try. Only a shotgun club tho.
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    Join NRA and shoot at Bisley

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    Think its 60quid and 45 minutes (from west london) down the m3. Really your best bet. Think the winter rates now apply so hiring firing point slightly cheaper. 8 to 4 pm . Used to be about 35 for day you can also do half days as well

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