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Thread: Stag Outing I,l Never Forget

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    Stag Outing I,l Never Forget

    I had the pleasure of having Griffer here to stalk Red stags this week for two days
    First day no shots fired , on the second day i had a funeral but returned to do the Pm stalk with Kriss
    We set off the the highest hills on the estate ground where stags were being seen and spotted a big ten pointer right at the top of
    the bowl with 6 or 7 hinds , my first words to the big fella were "we wont get near him " Kriss,s reply " lets give it a go"
    Off we went following a small stream that runs top to bottom , 1400m to go , we were out of sight in some places and full view
    in others but had cover of the water movement and noise , an hour and half later i said to Kriss do the last wee bit by yourself
    and get set up when your happy and close enough.
    Another 20 minutes Kriss was good to go , first shot perfect heart shot , the big old stag staggered about before falling over
    It was starting to get dark by now so no pics taken at the time but the animal was gralloched and left on the hill overnight to
    be collected nxt day
    Hopefully big Kriss will add a few pics

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    Fantastic stuff

    Sounds very much like the same group that Harvey and I saw when we were out with Ian last week?

    Would the bowl you mention be off to the left of the left-hand side of this photo?

    If it is the same bowl, was the stag up by that area of scree at the top of the burn?
    If it was, that really must have been a stalk and a half as there's zero cover there

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    As always mate a pleasure to be out with you he certainly made us sweat that fellow I love it up there can't wait for hinds

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr1ffer View Post
    As always mate a pleasure to be out with you he certainly made us sweat that fellow I love it up there can't wait for hinds
    Well done to both, I'll be doing my write up on Sunday about my experience this week with Colin.

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    Hope your ankle is better if you slogged up there for an hour and a half!

    Definitely on the list next year Colin!

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    exellent really pleased for you both great pics as well,atb wayne
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    Well done, nice beastie!



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    Colin, well done to you both, I see it's not raining again!! I need to pay more attention to weather forecasts.


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    Dominic , yea thats the face with the scree down the middle, get Harvey to the gym ready for next year
    Andy , the ankles better mate but ive got a hernia now probably caused by dragging stags
    Martin you should get a lift to the gym with Harvey ha ha
    Pete , il see you for the hinds (in the rain )
    ​Good pics to come guys ,, two nice stags today

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    A well earned stalk with a nice beast at the end....
    Well done!
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