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Thread: .243 either tikka t3 light/varmint or remmy 700 varmint

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    .243 either tikka t3 light/varmint or remmy 700 varmint

    Anyone selling anything?

    ​cash and slot waiting, must shoot very well


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    I've just traded my T3 in Gary!! damn it!lol

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    Shame, i love a bargain!

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    I got a howa stainless for sale, as new condition. Pm me if your interested. Cheers Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    Shame, i love a bargain!
    I'm sure we could have worked something out!

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    still got a nice accurate 590 sat in the cabinet,

    took it out for a shoot the other day gary,

    still shoots better than if i had sold the 20 tac it would be having a new barrel in 6mm br.

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    As i said, t3 or rem 700...

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    Just out of interest why a tikka or a remy?
    ​just to asking that's all.

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    Did you speak to Callum about my rem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob-lee View Post
    Did you speak to Callum about my rem?
    Yep, over budget

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