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Thread: Hi from Norfolk

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    Hi from Norfolk

    Just a quick one to say hi. I notice there are a few blokes from round here, including goldypurple before me!
    I live near Attleborough, but am soon moving to East Harling area. I'm 25 and trying my hardest to get into stalking. I got my FAC in august with room for a 22wmr (have - Winchester 9422M) and 22lr (don't have). I've used a 243 in Australia shooting the odd bullock for meat, and was shown how to gut and strip then too.
    My permission isn't big enough (30 acres) for a CF THEY say with my experience, so I'm on the usual hunt for a permission.
    I have plenty of enthusiasm and energy (not the ADD type though), but not so much money - as in I can't throw a huge amount of money at paid stalks, paid permissions and swaro optics... But I'll find a way - I hope!
    So I'll be asking heaps of questions as this is a real mine of info here. I've already gained a scope out of it!
    Oh yeah and I have the pleasure knowing Dusk Till Dawn (a member here).

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    welcome and hi again lol

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    Hello Harry
    I have just seen your post, welcome to the site and good luck with the stalking.
    I will take you out as soon as i get chance.

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    Thanks Paul, and thanks for the heads up on the site. I got the lead on the scope I told you about from the classifieds too.
    No worries on the stalking - I know you get pretty busy and I'm happy waiting!

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