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Thread: Butler creek tactical scope covers

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    Butler creek tactical scope covers

    Hi guys
    Does anybody know of a stockist for the new Butler creek tactical scope lens covers, I am looking to buy a set for a Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50IR. I have read that the newer made (obligatory ) butler creek flip up covers are of much poorer quality than of years gone by and are prone to breakage. Hence I thought I would give the tactical version a try.
    I have tried several gunshops including Hannam's but no luck as yet.

    many thanks

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    Hi paul I think that they only come in three sizes . the sizes are on butler creeks web site so you may be lucky to get some to fit

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    Thanks very much for the information, as regards the normal Butler creek's, it does seem such a shame that a product that has been made for so many years has taken such a backward step in quality with apparently little being done to rectify it. Reading the forums ( American and British ) the drop in quality is a well known problem.

    Perhaps a few of the major gun magazines should do a long term test on them and point this fact out, I very much doubt this would happen though, how often do these magazines ever give an unbiased and honest bad review on any product?

    many thanks.

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    I'm in the same boat with the butler creek rubbish! Have you thought about Tenebraex covers?

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    The old butler creeks I've had about five years on the same scope the new ones I bought on a trip to Scotland a year or two back lasted about 40 minutes pure crap. Why can't the top scope manufacturers do covers like the leupold screw on ones is beyond me they charge enough for their products.
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    Have you tried the bushwackers - cheap and they seem less prone to breaking.

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