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Thread: Deer in West Lancashire....

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    Deer in West Lancashire....


    my first post since my introduction, so please bear with me...

    I live almost as far to the west of West Lancs as you can get, just 7 miles inland of Southport. I am asking if anyone can tell me if they have any experience of deer in the area and if so where abouts!!!

    I have heard that there are some at the Beacon Park, near to Dalton. This came from one of the rangers for the area so I consider that to be reliable info.
    I have heard of the odd one or two in Scarisbrick in some of the wooded areas. There are tales from farmes who have spotted an odd Roe passing through their land around Burscough, and tales of Reds around Rufford. I have never seen any in the area but did find what I thought was a lie at the verge of a field near to Halsall...the farmer did not know of any having been seen on his land though.

    I have heard of Munty's in some of the 'green' parks in Liverpool and there was a Roe in Hesketh Park, Southport last year that had been seen by many.

    I always thought that where one is seen there are probably many more about that dont get seen. Not many farmers know of them or have any problem with them at the moment but I am sure numbers will increase in time.

    Where is the closest that anyone has been stalking for deer in these parts. I know there are a few up around Scorton, Lancashire and north of Preston there are meant to be some...

    I am hoping that by the time I have my rifle and DSC course done in the next few years that there may be a few more about.

    Any comments appreciated!!


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    The British Deer Society's latest distribution maps show red, roe, and fallow as being present in Lancashire west of the M6 and in all cases south of the M58. Roe are pretty much everywhere, the reds are based on Knowsley and the fallow near the coast just south of Southport.

    The maps only indicate the presence of the deer and it doesn't indicate any particular density. There are of course also sika based in Bowland.

    You can view the maps on

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