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Thread: One stag - Four photos

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    One stag - Four photos

    Only took the SD card out of the camera this afternoon after nearly a month. Party of reds living in fodder maize. Unfortunately the Wildgame Innovations cam is the poorest performing of my set ups. The question is how many different stags are in the 4 pics. I think 2. Any opinions out there?
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    I'm going to say 3 I think pics two and 3 are the same stag but hard to see on iPhone , the animal in pics 2 and 3 is a belter!!!
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    3 i'd say! need a hand ?
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    My stalking partner took a stag off the place in early september that made 180 kg in the dealer ( garlloched, no head , no feet ) ! They are keeping the landowner awake at night with roaring, hammering mature apple trees, and the chidren's pony has to be brought in at night because they are terrorising him ! No 3 is the most obviously different for me with those extra small points on the brow. Will play around with windows photo to see if I can sharpen them up.

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    not sure if those vintage landies of yours would be up to it. Sod's law - they are harvesting at the moment and I suspect the deer will move on.

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    looks to me like 3 as well pic 2 and 3 are the same animal must say pic 2 looks like an awsome beast

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    3, fine looking animals indeed!
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