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Thread: Deer in Northumberland/Durham/Borders

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    Deer in Northumberland/Durham/Borders

    Hi there. I am just trying to find someone who might be able to supply me with the odd deer carcass in the north east for personal consumption. Used to have a supplier but he got too old to continue. The freezer is getting very empty.



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    Hi there welcome , do you do any sort of shooting or are you just trying to blag some venison. I think some of the lads on here get an odd deer from time to time.

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    Welcome to the site, but I should point out this is a forum for stalkers not an online shopping forum, having said that you might get lucky but don't hold your breath.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi there Charlie. I am afraid I don't shoot, I just like eating what does get shot - so yes I am trying to blag the odd surplus carcass. Hope that is not considered impolite I don't mean to be.


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    Thank you John. I do understand it's not a shopping forum - I don't mean to upset anyone - it was just an attempt to get some deer as my own source has dried up.


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