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Thread: trail camera

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    trail camera

    any one got a trail cam for sale up to 100.
    cheers, mark

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    ALDI as one for 79 spot on infrared movie pic or both together also time lapse. small compact comes with 4 gig card all batteries ready to go had some great results with it.
    dont need a degree to set up even got time date and temp on image.
    if you cant see on display ask at till there in the back.
    can recomend ive had much more expensive ones and they were ***** compared to these

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    cheers for that mate, but ive been to our local aldi and none of them, have them.

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    maplins have a bushnell for 99.99. no idea on what there like

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    Quote Originally Posted by activeviii View Post
    maplins have a bushnell for 99.99. no idea on what there like
    thanks, i will look them up on the net.

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