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Thread: Duck dynasty

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    Duck dynasty

    If your too busy to duck hunt and too busy to beaver hunt then your too busy !!
    first time I've watched it $$$$ing hilarious

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    them boys grow a mean beard too.
    up and at um

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    Caught my first glimpse the other night, brilliant! I'll keep watching.

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    Willy you missed both them duck ,willy basically your a bird watcher !

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    just love it that Si is the nuts!!! check out the the one when they go to pick up some buggys useing the bosses winny RV home tears

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    Quality TV, they are mental!!

    Alba gu brąth

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    great viewing a pmsl at it lol

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    Just for back from a 3 month tour of the states. .. its massive out there! merchandise in every store you go in so we thought wed give it a go and now totally hooked, seen all the episodes right up to the latest... think its up to season 4 episode 8 or 9 now!! plenty for you lads to catch up

    Uncle Si is brilliant defo the best character , he just gets funnier and funnier as it goes on, hes proper mental ! LOL,

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    Have to agree, a great watch, and the product sounded pretty damned good as well.

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    happy happy happy
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