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    Talking Brownie

    Hi all,
    thanks for admission to your forum which I have been following for a while.I am an ex pat who emigrated to NZ in 1962 aged 16.Igot into commercial meat shooting over here as it started 1963-4 and was involved in the commercial venison industry for approx 20 years in full and part time ground and helicopter operations.I also did commercial possum skin hunting for several years as my main source of income,over a large part of the South Island high country .I remain physically fit and a keen deer hunter and fly fisherman. I currently use a Browning BAR 270 suppressed,BSA Hunter 222 and am in the process of aquiring an SKS 7X62X39 to asses how they perform as a bush rifle.ilook forward to learning and sharing on your most excellent site.
    Cheers ,

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    Welcome aboard mate what I've heard about NZ your very lucky e hope you enjoy SD bazil

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    cheers for that mate,look forward to meeting new contacts.Have just been over for two months and keen to come back for some hunting.Couldn't believe the number of reds on the side of the road in Scotland.Wouldn't last five minutes over here!

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    Welcome from another Brit living abroad Brownie. Heard many things about the fishing and hunting in NZ, definitely on the bucket list!


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    thanks scrummy,always welcome give me a yell .

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    Thanks John,
    feeling welcome already .

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    Hi Brownie, careful what you wish for!

    Good luck with the SKS. I find them easier to shoot than an AK 47 though they are still quite rough. Found it points quite naturally for me though. How's the supply of 7.62x39 down there?

    Let us know how you get on with the SKS. I think for a brush gun I might prefer a CZ527 or the Zastava equivalent (might cry less if that got scratched up). But I can see where you are coming from wanting a semi for a fast follow-up.



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