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Thread: 6mm and 7mm heads and various bits

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    6mm and 7mm heads and various bits

    for sale

    50no 7mm nosler partition 150 grain spritzer p/n16326 35 collected SOLD
    100no 7mm sierra gameking 150 grain spritzer boat tail1913 35 collected
    100no 6mm Hornady 58 grain v-max 20 collected
    2no ruger 10 shot 10/22 mags 10 each plus postage SOLD
    25mm one piece scope mount for airgun 15 plus postage
    theoben 500cc bottle bipod clamp adaptor 15 plus postage

    Atb Matt
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    Matt will have the 10/22 mags from you.

    Will give you a call tomorrow to sort it.


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    cool no problem sorry I never rang you back the other day. Tried calling you today.
    Atb Matt

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    I will take the 7mm Noslers just got to work out now how to get them

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    no Problem, send me a pm with your mobile and i'll give you a call.

    Atb Matt

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    Nosler partions and 10/22 mags sold

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