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Thread: Dog transport box

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    Dog transport box

    Hi I'm looking to buy a dog box for the back of my car,does anybody know of any good ones on the market or have one there are looking to sell

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    I have the lintran dog box nice and light and easily cleaned you can sometimes pick
    them up cheap secondhand.

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    I find there products very very good, take a look at the website
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trufflehunting View Post
    I find there products very very good, take a look at the website
    ​Im on my third from them and two other friends have had probably the same amount. Can't see past them and good to deal with. They will make bespoke as well.

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    I have a large double box from CabBox for sale. It has a removable centre divider and a plug in fan. I bought it second hand for 320 and would sell it for the same price. It cost 600 new.

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    I have a trans K9 and cant reccomend them highly enough.

    CAB are more local to me and their boxes are very good with a strong following but i think they look darker and less well put together than the Trans K9

    Pick between Trans K9, CAB or Lintran and you cant go wrong (but they are expensive!!)

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    Ok cheers for everyone's help

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    We have a Trans K9 for my car. Fab box and dogs travel well in it. Cost 520 with bumper protection mat but is well worth it!

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    I have a Lintran, no one else made a box for my car, or would do a custom box for it. It wasn't cheap, but it is well made, easy to clean and keeps the dogs cool.
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    we looked at a few from 3-700 then I realised the 50 cage we bought for toilet training the pup fitted in the back of the car and has worked a treat since.

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