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Thread: 1st NORFOLK STAG

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    Hi all,

    Just got back from Norfolk tonight after a invite down by a friend to have ago for my 1st Norfolk stag so here is how it went.

    On Friday night when I arrived the weather was just rubbish the wind and rain was very hard so I was shown which high seat to try and it was a pretty high lean to seat above 3.5 meters I was told. I sat in it with the wind blowing the tree to which it was fasterned too that hard I don't think I could off taken a shot so dark came and that was no stag show ( I don't blame them).

    So Saturday morning was a early start in the high seats by 5am and the weather was better so fingers crossed I thought in the dark. Around 6ish I heard a stag call but no where near me so by 7 I was starting to loose hope abit as my host had said if nothing showed by 7.30 they were not coming.
    BUT at little time after 7 a stag just appeared walking along the wood edge in front of me and was walking through a gap into another field and it would not stop walking so I took a shot and it dropped on the spot with no movement I was well chuffed as I was using my 300RUM for the 1st time on quarry , the shot placement was good so I stayed in the seat as I know my friend would come to see what was shot.
    It took him a while to arrive as he was around 600yards away in another seat but the same time he arrived I noticed movement from where the stag layed and bugger me it got back up and walked through the gap where it crossed and stood in the field in front of me as if not it had not been shot to which I shot it again to which it did not move again.

    now here are some pictures of the 2 shots the 1st shot was behind front leg so how did this stag get up after a while and walk looking unscathered??

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	norfolk stag1.jpg 
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Name:	norfolk stag.jpg 
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Name:	norfolk stag2.jpg 
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    thank you to my mate for the invite.

    regards chris

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    Well done nice beast, don't they do the most amazing things to get back up like that who knows nice write up bazil

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    Well done, is that your custom 7x64? What type of stock is it?

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    Well done. He looks a good size.

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    Well done fella, looks like hes a good size :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cumbrian 1 View Post
    Well done, is that your custom 7x64? What type of stock is it?
    hello cumbrian 1 the rifle I used is not my 7x64 but I Christenson arms ultimate hunter in 300 RUM and it has a KKC stock on it which is very comfy and practical to use.

    regards chris

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    are you popping in for a coffee
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trufflehunting View Post
    Well done fella, looks like hes a good size :-)
    I am very pleased with it mate it was a very good 2 days spent with good company as well.

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