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Thread: Ammunition Allowance

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    Ammunition Allowance

    Having read the post by Garethw on 6.5x55 ammunition, I wondered if there were big discrepancies in allowances for the purchase and holding of ammunition from around the country.

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    I'm pretty sure there are! I'm a new FAC holder; was granted a .22rf (for target so I have a big allowance for that ammo) and .17hmr, plus my .308 deer rifle. I have buy 100, hold 120 for the .308... I don't have my own land and was granted the FAC based on paid days alone.

    Force is A&S...


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    There is a huge difference.I am allowed to purchase 800 and possess 1000 6.5x55.I assumed this was pretty much standard but having spoken with lads from arund the country it seems the limits can vary from 40 to 4000!

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    I think it all boils down to justification!
    If you shoot lots, you need lots. If you don't, your only argument is that you would like to get a load from the same batch to avoid re-zeroing too often.
    If you reload, who knows!? 8)

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    I do shoot lots, but with oll of my rifles I'm only allowed to hold 300, and purchase 250 of each calibre

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    I only have 30-06 on my FAC
    and am new to stalking
    i have
    purchase 200
    hold 250
    thats from west mids
    with no land of my own

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    Hold 160, buy 100. West Mercia.

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    Purchase 200, Hold 250 on the .243 and
    Purchase 1000 hold 1200 on the .22lr

    My mate also in Suffolk has Purchase 100 Hold 150 on his .243 and purchase 500 hold 600 on his .22lr and .17hmr?

    Different FEO's, Go figure??

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    Just got my first FAC a few months ago, rifle in 6.5x55. Got hold 250 buy 200 on mine. Fine for what I need... RFD said it was generous.

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    I have buy 400 hold 600 on my 22rf, buy 200 hold 400 on each of .223, .243 and .308.

    Was my firearms chap who suggested the limits and, as they were higher than I was going to ask for, he got no arguments

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