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    Cheers wingy

    I'd just like to say thanx to a mate on here cheers wingy what a star, after he came to visit me in Suffolk for a pop at the local muntjac he said I would have to come and have a go on his patch, the first week in October he picked me up from Keswick and we went to Dumfries as soon as we arrived it started to piss down no probs he said here's a rifle and pointed me towards a low seat as I was getting in I turned round to see 2roe does watching me they soon went off only to be replaced by another doe by then it was dark so back to camp for something to eat then out lamping even in the dark what fantastic place wing called in a fox and smack over it went we couldn't find it so out with his dogs I thought my cockers were fast but Leto and Zeus were flying Leto found the fox and picked it up what a star, and the fox well I know can die with a smile on your face but this on died because of a smile on its face it was ripped from nose to ear what a shot, another one came in but offered no shot so back to camp all night long a poxy cow mooing and then an owl hooting don't anything sleep apart from wingy in Scotland, up early for a stalk with Leto who worked so well we put up red grouse I've never seen those before we did disturb a deer but it was gone back to camp for fry up Mmmm out with shotgun after we did more talking but the dogs put up a pigeon so a load of shots later it fell to be picked up by Zeus, the dogs put up 2 pheasants and 2 partridges all missed by Us to much talk back to camp to pack up after that to a very high hightseat no deer but I watched a covey of grey partridges feed then back to Keswick to Finnish my holiday what a star you are wingy,so thanx again and Alli says thanx for the 1.5ltr of sloe gin,good luck for next month and all this because of meeting on SD cheers bazil

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    Baz it was my pleasure, just a pity we couldn't get onto a nice buck, I'm sure they will be easier to find next month, you know when the does all disappear!

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    Thanx again, went tithe hightseat last night only to be greeted by the keeper on the main ride on his quad he had forgot I was there but a muntjac did appear but was on speed, FAC still not back bazil

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